Long before I was a regular fixture in fabric showrooms and luxury furniture galleries, I had rare pleasure of delivering award-winning branding and graphic design work for some of the biggest brands in the world. American Express, Splenda, Edy's, Verizon, Visa, Southwest Airlines, Expedia, Drexel Heritage and many others are among my list of happy clients.

Now in addition to overseeing creative projects for corporate clients, I personally work with small businesses such as bloggers and entrepreneurs to build their online brand and refine their digital presence. Online stores, portfolio web sites, blogs, business cards and branding are all part of the pretty portfolio I'm proud to call my own. Let's create "brand you" together.

Let's take "brand you" to the next level


Your logo isn't simply an image, it is the visual embodiment of you and your personal brand. The story of brand "you" should be told clearly & successfully via elements capturing your vision.

Think of your brand marks as your digital LBD. Your digital little black dress is only as good as its tailoring. Let's work together to ensure yours has a flawless fit.


Personal correspondence, gorgeous business cards & chic paper goods tell the world you're going places in style. Let's create something uniquely pretty and "you" together.

Like great shoes, your paper correspondence speaks volumes about you -  without saying a word. Be certain yours make you feel like a million bucks.



Like a Chanel jacket, your visual presentation to the world speaks volumes. Command attention & respect with a professionally designed online boutique, blog & social presence.  

Your site is the piece de resistance of your brand arsenal. Demonstrate your absolute best and radiate confidence that draws your audience back again and again.




Looking to build an online store? As an expert at designing and building both Shopify stores & Squarespace Commerce sites I find these projects to be the most fulfilling of the digital work I complete. Knowing both platforms intimately, I will assist you in identifying which of the two is best suited to the needs of your current business as well as the vision you have of the prosperous road ahead.