Closet Crush: A Fashion Lover's Over-the-Top Opulent Dressing Room...


A space worthy of Georgina Chapman if there ever was one! This spacious dressing room is that of an unnamed (but presumably not unknown) California resident with spectacular taste and an equally spectacular budget. Designer Philip Nimmo leveraged his skills to deliver old Hollywood glamour in this beautiful custom project. Gilded French furniture, a mesmerizing ’60s-vintage Murano chandelier and that elegant hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper make the serene walk-in a sight to behold. Can I just say I'm in closet love? 


Color Crush: All Black Everything...

The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.
— Coco Chanel

There's no shame in my "all black" game - and one look at these stunning images should convince you there shouldn't be any in yours. Frankly, if the color looks great on you, why shouldn't you wear it head to toe? While I say any season is the right season for noir, fall offers certain liberties. Use them to your advantage and embrace the head to toe chic look. I certainly will! 


Foundations: Building a Fall Wardrobe From Scratch...

As you might have seen in this post, I'm on a clear path to start fresh when it comes to my wardrobe. Only this time I'm armed by what to add to an emptied closet versus what to keep in an overstuffed one. I'm very nailed down in my personal style and preferences, it's just a matter of aligning my creative vision with the reality of what is actually in said closet. The edge I have here is the idea of a truly blank slate. Imagining (or making it a reality) that I'm beginning from scratch.

What, exactly would I bring into a new, fabulous and EMPTY closet? What anchor pieces would be deserving of the privilege of becoming mainstays in my newly pared down, completely curated closet? Since I'm in a fall state of mind it makes sense to offer you my perspective on my autumn must-have list. But remember, this is a strictly pared down version of a closet. There shall be no "fluff" here. My only two area of "wiggle room" are blouses and jackets. I love classics in my denim, my tops (think: black and white fitted tees & long sleeved tops) and dresses. But when it comes to blouses and jackets I love to add variety to my life. So those two areas aside we're looking at adding as few pieces as possible and trying to stick to the below list as much as possible. 

The criteria? Here are a few:

  • Classic, timeless pieces: No trendy goods allowed. 
  • Versatile: every item should be able to mix and match with many other pieces in closet 
  • Well made: no poor quality pieces here. Invest in the best possible pieces
  • Color restriction: Focus on black, white, pink and a few fun animal print pieces
  • Fit is everything: Never compromise on fit. Ever. 
  • Know thyself: have your ideal look in mind and stick with it. No compromises. 

You may wonder why this is such an obsession of mine. It's simple - I only want excellence in my life. As the years pass and my collection of goods have changed, I've evolved. It's time to shake off some of these "old personas" and old memories. I love the feeling of letting go of things. I'm not a hoarder and I find donating and selling things very freeing - so long as I am ready to release them. Applying the Kon Mari question "Does it spark joy?" to each item, I am left with a firm "No" on many pieces in my closet. Thus, the idea of repeating this process in the future in not an option. We rebuild from scratch now and don't look back.  We fill the closet with joy inducing pieces designed (intended) to last me for ages. A "collection of friends" in my closet waiting to say hello each morning and come out at play. Sounds fun, right? Joyous, right? So this, friends, is worth the work and the slow investment process of acquiring those new "friends" (a term borrowed from Diane von Furstenberg) for my closet. 

These guidelines in mind, here's what I'm loving right now:


These won't all be "allowed in" but these are a few key pieces I'm evaluating as I map out short and long term additions. The handbags are clearly investment pieces. Solid black tops are key foundation pieces for me, and I'm a real stickler for fabric and fit. Denim is always a good investment and I'm delighted to have two brands I adore (AG Jeans fit me like a glove and WHBM offers several styles I adore). 

The key here. Know thyself! Know what you love and focus on those things with unwavering attention. Don't haphazardly build out your wardrobe. Craft a very specific vision of the woman (or man) you wish to be and add in only those pieces that support that vision. Trust me when I tell you that clothes do indeed make the (wo)man and you'll feel better about life and your place in the world when dressed in accordance with your idealized view of yourself. 

Sometimes, those internal changes are kickstarted by an outward shift. Don't be afraid to raise your standards. And certainly don't be afraid to donate all those clothes and begin anew. A new you awaits!!

Beauty: Weekly Love List...

If you follow me on Instagram you've no doubt already seen me gushing about my current beauty faves. My love of Charlotte Tilbury isn't new, but after much trial & error (yes, error) I've settled upon my winners from her line. First, the real winner is the Light Wonder. I actually look better each day after I remove my makeup thanks to that hylauronic acid and a botanical alternative to retinol. Stuff is amazing and trumps all my other foundations. Next up, her concealer is more opaque than my longtime fave from YSL. I love it in shade 2 which matches my skin and covers up discolored areas and any under eye circles. Love your lips? You will REALLY love them after using her Lip Cheat pencil in Pillow Talk. Perfect for over-lining your pucker & giving your pout a but more plump without fillers. 

The surprise hit (which I mentioned a week ago) is the Multi-Miracle Glow. I cannot believe how useful it is. In two short weeks I've used it in the following ways:

  • to remove stubborn eye makeup
  • as overnight plumping mask (I misted with rose water after applying) 
  • to treat my daughter's eczema (totally hooked after seeing how her skin healed)
  • on chapped lips (more of that to come as fall kicks in)
  • as an eye moisturizer treatment 

The massive jar is $60 which is a wonderful value for the myriad uses this lovely pink gel offers. I highly recommend you swing by a Tilbury counter & ask for a little sample. Try it for yourself & see what you think. That's all for now. happy Thursday, all! 


Wardrobe Management: The Completely Curated Closet...

Well, I did it. Firmly belted into my seat on a quick flight to visit family I sat down and listed out my ideal wardrobe. It comes as no surprise to me that the end result is a strict mix of black, white, leopard and pink. Why stick from tried and true favorites, right? What did amaze me, however, is how few of these items I already have in my closet. This simple method demonstrated to me how radically I need to switch up what's in my wardrobe - and how many things I'm about to sell off. 

My process? Informal as it was, here's the way I did it... in a fresh Jordi Labanda notebook I wrote, rewrote and rewrote the pieces I would purchase today if I owned not one bit of clothing. More importantly, I imagines I had no clothing to my name and needed to build the perfect wardrobe from scratch. In other words - skip the "what should I keep" thinking and shift over to "what would I bring into my life right now? 

Triggering this is that we are presently rebuilding our master closet. The result will be a glamorous white space with (you guessed it) chandelier overhead and tufted round seat below. The design is complex or terribly costly, but it is stunning. So much so that it deserves consideration as to what should be housed there. 

Thus the "completely curated closet" concept was born. So streamlined and versatile is this "foundation" that I can't wait to return home to sell off pretty much every stitch of clothing I own. 

Above is my quickly hashed out list. A few notes: jackets are an obsession of mine. Milly, Nanette Lepore, Rebecca and others make phenomenal feminine jackets I can't get enough of. My "wild card" line above accommodates that passion (and allows for wiggle room in inventory). I go into much more detail on that in this post

Shoes listed above are shoes I see as the "basis" for a solid footwear wardrobe. I have plenty of pretty wedges I'll keep, but it's time to add in some of these more dressy "essentials" and invest in top quality. These are long-term investments and you'll see nary a trend on this list.

Handbags: I have a collection I'm very privately proud of. I'll be adding to it (I'm showing a few specific future acquisitions below) but if you were only making three handbag purchases, these would be the three I would invest in personally. A golden straw summer tote needs to be added to the mix as well if we're calling it a comprehensive collection. 


Apparel (other than those jackets) I'm honestly ready to say adios to all I own in terms of tops & pants and the like. The closet redesign and the idea of what to place BACK into the new space is the conceptual shift necessary to pack them up and ship them out to new owners. Buh-bye to many longstanding "friends" in my closet who might enjoy the company of someone new. 

Now... the most DIFFICULT part. Finding those basics. I've honestly been on the hunt for the perfect tee for a few years. I had mine pinned down but the brand no longer makes them. It turns out Chico's (where I've admittedly never shopped) has a killer black tee that fits the bill (the bill being: scoopneck, synthetic stretch, non-cotton). 


I'll keep you posted as I progress But rest assured, once we touch back down in Dallas it's a fast & furious plan to sell it all to fund (or more realistically: offset the cost of) the new. Also, I realize my list hashed out at 30,000 feet might have a few holes. I'm sure I'll discover those and see to it to fill them. That said, you should know that it is my dream to have only a few sparse garments hanging in the closet and the rest of the space filled with stunning accessories. There's so much joy to be had in a plain white fitted tee, jeans and a black jacket accented with killer accessories. Call it my "uniform" and it might even seem uninspired to you - but to me this is heaven in a closet. A handful of well-chosen pieces I absolutely adore just waiting to come out at play. It's my look, my go-to style and I'm definitely owning up to my minimalist wardrobe cravings. 

As I hunt for these surprisingly elusive timeless basics I'll share them. I'm super excited to share the entire journey with you. Happy Sunday, everyone! 

The Art of Play: Brain Stretching Fun for Young Minds...

We love good science experiments and creativity sparking activities in our house. Pinterest is great, but there are only so many times you can build a mini volcano and remain enthusiastic. We've been thrilled to see the flood of cool subscription deliveries come on the market for kids, but we've definitely chosen our brand.

Kiwi Crate was the original box of goodies we received monthly (disclosure: they sent us the first box for free a few years ago, but we gleefully paid for the rest!). Now they've expanded the concept and increased the age range. Now there's Koala Crate for the littlest tots. Tinker crate for budding wiz kids ready to take on science and engineering experiments and Doodle Crate for the more creatively inspired amongst us. Here's how the services break down:

  • Koala Crate: 3-4 year olds
  • Kiwi Crate: 4-9 year olds
  • Tinker Crate: 9-14+ year olds
  • Doodle Crate: 9-16 year olds

These are gender neutral and honestly such a good value. We also find that the range of ages they appeal to is even more broad than those displayed above. How much? Basically $19.95 per month with a bit of wiggle room for longer subscriptions (you receive a discount) and a bit more if you want to add extra supplies for a sibling. 

Here are our thoughts on the pricing. It's a STEAL. You would be hard pressed to find higher quality supplies than those provided in these crates. As a former art student, I can attest to the fine grade of the elements in the Kiwi Crates. Excellent scissors, Faber Castell pastels are just a few things we've been provided with via the monthly activities. Each "crate" comes with everything (and I do mean everything) you need to perform or create a specific activity or two. I've found that the supplies can easily accommodate an extra child or a second (or third) pass at an activity. Also, we still have many of the supplies on hand because some of them were durable goods that we've incorporated into our supply cabinets. They pack a lot into those boxes and it's always easy to expand it into a few activity sessions while still having goodies left over for future use. 

See what I mean via the video below:

If you have any interest (and really, if you've got a kid in the house you know you do) they will love this. Here's a link to save $10 off your first month of any crate product. Try it. See if you love it. We would love to hear your feedback! We've just signed up again after a year hiatus. This time we're doing Kiwi & Tinker. I'm considering having my oldest do video reviews so you guys can see the activities. Cool, right? 

Pro tip: be the coolest aunt or uncle by signing up that curious niece or nephew for one of these services. It will beat all the other gifts hands down. Grab that $10 off right here & enjoy! 

Spectacular Properties: Selling the $38MM Real Estate Dream...

How does one sell a tricked out multi-million dollar home on LA's bird streets? With a full force marketing strategy and - of course - a "sell the dream" style video. If you weren't already aware of the real estate goodness (read: epic views of the skyline) that this Beverly Hills address offers, you won't be able to forget it once you see this sleek video below. But by all means, do yourself a favor and click on this to see the original $40K video featuring Flo Rida's "Welcome to My House" track. It's magnificent and is definitely compelling. The more toned down video below is still pretty sweet, but not as hypnotically cool. 

Inspired? I certainly am. It's always fun to consider having of a "girls day in" at a posh pad like this one. Wine cellar, infinity edge pool and those unbeatable views. All without leaving the property. If you're buying this spacious estate, give me a ring won't you? I do believe my schedule can be freed up for a visit! 


Musings: On Stretching...

Hello, everyone! Happy Monday to you. Yes, HAPPY Monday. While a 72 hour Sunday sounds dreamy, the official start of the "business" part of the week gives each of us an opportunity for growth and reinvention. Are you learning anything new? If so, why not? It's not just for kids, you know. And it doesn't require going back to school. Grab any number of mind-stretching books, learn how to retrain your brain for a happier life, expand upon your formal education at no cost (yes, free) or cough up a small fee for an opportunity to develop mastery over specific skill sets

So... now that we've cast aside any excuses, what is it you want to learn or improve upon? Is photography your prized skill? Do you long for the ability to whip up a fantastic culinary experience for your friends & family? Williams-Sonoma offers free classes on the weekends for everyone. Whatever your yearning, there's surely a book out there poised to take you to new heights. And - let's face it - you have Google. There's an expert out there blogging his or her heart out daily offering you every bit of wisdom you could hope for. Take it.  

My point? Get going. Get growing. LEARN something new and expand your mind. No, you won't be the same afterwards. And that's a very good thing. 


Luxe Accommodations: Set Adrift in an Opulent Seafaring Private Penthouse...

Imagine this: owning a roaming penthouse that docks in one fabulous port after another and has its own submarine and helicopter on board for your private use. Sorry, bucket list. You just got turned upside down by this new offering from Crystal Cruises.

I've blogged about The World before, so the idea of an upscale residence at sea is not innovative or new. What it noteworthy is that individuals have been warming to the idea of extended stays on ships whether or not the industry adapts to the idea. Picking up on this niche need (or perhaps pushing the envelope to create one), Crystal (and likely soon other cruise lines) decided to develop 48 penthouse suites across their entire fleet of ships. To keep the experience elite, homeowners will enjoy their own pool, their own restaurants and a wide array of posh amenities in keeping with the million dollar pricing. Celebrity chefs, submersible vehicles and sophisticated ports of call will be a part of the dazzling list of offerings dangled in order to lure would-be buyers. 

Ready to take the plunge and see the world from your private balcony? Me too. Sounds positively dreamy. And if the images above are accurate, we won't be the only ones eager to see the inside of these 4,000 square feet suites at sea. Details can be found here

Never heard of The World? Well, it's positively dreamy and has been on my radar for years. They can be credited with putting the idea of a residence on the ocean on our collective consciousness. The World is not your typical cruise ship. It exclusively houses owners of 165 individual residences and is touted as the worlds largest privately owned residential ship on earth. The happy few aboard enjoy exceptional voyages, learning opportunities and unrivaled cultural enrichment opportunities.

My husband and I share the goal of having access to one of these regal pads. Once we "get there" in our financial goals we'll sort out the details of how (and now that there are more options, perhaps even "where" becomes a question), but the idea of going to sleep in Seychelles and waking up in the Maldives sounds pretty sweet to me. What about you? Does sailing the world sound dreamy or torturous? What if you could board at your leisure and live on land most of the time? Wouldn't this be the coolest classroom in the world for a family with children? The possibilities are endless, really. I just completely adore the idea of private travel aboard a floating luxury resort. 


Loving: The Enduring Allure of Palm Beach Chic...

Blame it on CZ Guest and those yummy Slim Aarons books that litter the tables of Mecox Gardens, but the shocking heat of August in Texas makes my mind wander to other sunny destinations. Namely, costal retreats. When I think of well-heeled socialites enjoying summer by the pool, I go to the thin strip of land that draws society types like bees to pollen: Palm Beach.  

We associate such a specific design aesthetic and sophisticated lifestyle to this area. Pink walls, Greek key fretwork, palm fronds, bamboo accents, cabana stripes, pretty floral chintz here, pops of pink there and heavy hand with white and gold. It's all in the mix and it's fabulous. IChinoiserie chic is all about happy colors and lovely design elements.

Country club lifestyle aside, it is impossible to deny the allure of white beaches, palm trees and fresh seafood caught moments before your sunset meal. If you're thinking of going, don't pass up your opportunity to stay at The Breakers, a classic in its own right.

In case you haven't noticed, ticket prices have been dropping (thank you, Jesus!) and flights to Florida are actually reasonable (despite all Buzzfeed is doing to deter you from heading to the state's white sandy shores). I love a good end of summer/early fall escape, and a jaunt to white sandy shores is just a quick flight away.

Another option if hotels are too 2013 for you? A sweet rental with Airbnb (this place is totally gorgeous) or if you're a really baller check out these Luxury Retreats on Palm Island. Swanky!. After all, renting a private pad gets you closer to that posh lifestyle Slim Aarons famously celebrated. 

What to wear? If you're not in a breezy coverup enjoying the view of crashing waves, it's all about those happy Lilly Pulitzer prints and sandals. Palm Beach chic for the home and for the closet is a style that makes us believe - if only for a moment - that we are part of that elusive lifestyle we've come to know and love. Thank goodness we can visit and sit in our own cabana and bask in the same sunshine. 

What about you? Do these long days make you dream of other sunny places? Where are you eager to go before cool weather returns? Are you a Palm Beach lover or is the quieter vibe of 30A (think: Rosemary Beach & Watercolor) more your vacation style? I love them both for various reasons. If you can't get away, enjoy these fabulous pieces below inspired by Palm Beach chic:


Beauty: The Very Necessary End of Summer Skin Reboot...

I've sunblocked. I've worn hats. I've stayed in the shade when I could. And yet, I have an unwanted tan on my face. When I tell you my lovely visage is thirsty I truly mean it. And as I look at my vanity counter I realize I'm slowly but surely adding a cool stash of a singular brand to my tried and true winning product arsenal. Chanel (I'm surprised to say) has been earning its way into my very competitive skin care collection. Competition is stiff, as I'll quickly ditch what doesn't work effectively. So seeing more of those double C's in my mirrored tray tells me those babes in lab coats at Chanel beauty HQ know how to deliver maximum results. 

What heroes can I share with you? Mostly they fall within two groups: the Hydra Beauty and Resynchronizing Skincare. These two sub-collections within the esteemed Chanel skincare line will remedy all of your late summer complexion woes. Personally it's dry, parched skin in need of rehydration. But thanks to the unwanted sun exposure I'm all about gentle exfoliation by way of the right mix of acids. Think: a glowing renewed Gigi Hadid type glow and you've got the picture. 

I've found my favorites amongst these lines and am eager to share. You should know my preferences to decide if this might work for you. I like gentle yet effective exfoliation via glycolic & salicylic acid serums. I adore products with hyaluronic acid, as the plumped look is oh, so fabulous on everyone. I prefer light cream formulas that deliver ongoing hydration and lend skin that coveted bounce and a hint of dewiness without irritation. And don't forget the lips: a good balm works wonders. Also: I like a comprehensive yet simple program to follow. I like knowing I'm getting antioxidants, a peptides, retinol and everything else I need to round out my skincare "diet" if you will. 


This huge jar ($60) is a miracle worker. I am probably more surprised than you, but this beautiful pink gel inside is somehow the perfect 3-in-1 product to not only removes makeup, but also acts as a mask and an overnight hydrating treatment. I've tried Multi-Miracle Glow and am a convert. And did I mention the amount given is huge? This rose-gold lidded jar has proudly earned a spot on my counter. 

The heavy hitters, though, come from Chanel. The "holy trinity" at work here can be found in the Resynchronizing collection. Three bold black & white bottles possess everything you need to revitalize your skin and undo a little damage. An effective yet gentle glycolic peel called Le Weekend is the star of the show here, but no star works alone. Paired with Le Jour (a delightful salicylic acid rich serum for morning) and La Nuit (a hylauronic packed hydrating product for night) reveals brighter, clearer, smoother and more plumped skin without much thought or participation on your part. A handy travel sized version of the trio is available for those of you on-the-go (or on the fence). 

And during your waking (and makeup wearing hours) I love pampering the skin with either the Chanel Hydra collection or Dr. Dennis Gross's Hylauronic Moisture Cushion gel cream. The Hydra collection is idea for combo skin. If you are truly on the dry side, you should choose the cream version of the moisturizer versus the gel cream. And Dr. Dennis Gross is a very eddective brand oyu should quickly familiarize yourself with. You'll see more of these all-stars here as I share more of my current faves. When I'm feeling really special (read: tired & desperate) I'll whip out some eye patches to rejuvenate the eye area. 

If you were only going to invest in three of these, this would be my essential mix:


So what about you? How's your skin faring now that it's August and the season of the sun is winding down? Are you in need of some facial R&R? Did you stay loyal to your sunscreen or are your proudly wearing your sunny glow? 

Dreamy Spaces: A Sexy Modern Renovation in Beverly Hills..

Vladmir Kagan, Ralph Pucci, Villeroy & Boch, Angelo Lelli, Lindsey Adelman, Minotti, Waterworks, Walker Zanger, Holly Hunt, Kelly Wearstler... you name it, this incredible Beverly Hills pad has something fabulous from the brand.

Who is this genius designer behind the sexy finished home? Jamie Bush renovated it with architect Dennis Gibbens for clients Rich Ross & Adam Sanderson. Honestly, if you're going to do modern, this is how a master serves up those clean lines. I suspect even Mr. Kagan himself is proud of how his low-slung seating is showcased. This home is everything a redesign should be: showstopping. 

See the rest of the spread on Elle Decor and brace yourself for the sudden urge to get Jamie Bush + Co on the phone. 


Dreamy Spaces: Joie de Vivre in the 16th Arrondissement...

It should come as no surprise that the VIP director for Christian Dior has an ultra cool French home. Mathilde Favier-Meyer has injected vibrant colors and eclectic furnishings for a look that offers what we all want to see. Fresh flowers, a loaded (yet orderly closet), and books stacked to the ceiling. While she manages to mix retro dining chairs, suzani prints, tulip chairs and coral chandeliers - all without visual calamity. Oh, and lest you feel disappointed, her bedroom boasts those yummy wrought iron balcony railings we've come to know and love. See more of the duplex here


Loving: Weekend Vibes...

It's here. SATURDAY!!! Can't even explain how long this week has been. I'm excited about dressing effortlessly, relaxing and unplugging. Sorry for the short post, but there are adorable people in my life with eager expressions on their faces. This means one thing... time to go! 



Buon Weekend: Love Your Life By Living in the Moment...

What a week! Wonderful awakenings of mind, body & soul. Do you ever feel as though you're making new discoveries daily? As though life, similar to a rose, is blooming and unveiling itself to you a bit more each day? That's my moment. I'm taking it in all of its stages and striving to embrace the journey. Here's to a marvelous weekend of blessings and experiences for all of us. Happy Friday to you! 


Now please... do me a favor and put down your phone, shut the laptop, turn off the DVR. Go have some fun. With REAL people. People you live in places you adore. Do things that fill you with happiness. Do things that feed your soul. Crumple up your to do list and see if you can figure out what's REALLY important. The answer might just surprise you. 

Loving: A Week of Wonderful New Discoveries...

I found many special little things this week. Perfect casual dresses, the ultimate makeup palette (a total surprise for this non-palette fan), a go-anywhere tote and pretty shoes in my size. It's the little things, really. Right?

While it feels to me that summer is in full swing, I can see that for many of my friends it is quickly winding down as kids head back to school and vacations are wrapping up. Luckily those end-of-season sales are in full effect keeping us from getting all wistful about how quickly the sunny months are passing. Distractions are wonderful things. 

But what's really rocking my world this week is my renewed passion for life. I've begun eating a far more alkaline diet, stripping out all non-essential & unfulfilling things from my life and diving deeper into those things which matter most. Focus. Determination. Vision. 

I am in the midst of giving my office a good zhushing and my closet a big purge (what's new, right?) and the effects are downright freeing.  What about you? What made you happy this week? 


Mind & Body: Overcome Your Case of the Workout Blahs...

We won't kid ourselves and imply I ever gave up yoga, but leaving the studio to maintain my practice at home has had mixed results at best. In the beginning it was easy to challenge myself and keep up (most) of the intensity that I found in classes with my favorite instructors. And then it hit. The plateau. The complete lack of enthusiasm for hitting the mat. The craving for more variety, for a longer sessions, for HEAT. Well... I'm back at it. And I'm headed into a new studio that emphasizes the style of yoga I crave. Their class list reads like a wish list "sweaty vinyasa flow" classes mixed with more intense power ashtanga sessions. I can't wait to step my foot back on the hard wood floors and get my flow on for those hour long workouts. 

But first... my yogi apparel needs a little lift. Here's what I'm presently loving (spoiler: there's quite a bit of pink!):


Why the urge to add to my workout apparel & accessories? Because sometimes a few new threads will get you excited about rolling out your mat. On that note, a new mat can often be inspiring and be a shortcut to setting your mind free and getting into the zone. Workout stagnation can sometimes be kickstarted by a bright sports bra, a cool gym tote or a flashy new fitbit bracelet. Is it superficial? Not really. It's like a change of scenery. Working from the "outside in" is often a way to quickly add new energy (mental and physical) and appeal to your internal feelings about your fitness routine.

What about you? Are you feeling the fitness "blahs" this summer? What are you doing to combat it? I encourage you to try something new. A new routine. A new location. A fresh outfit. A new activity. How about new playlist? Add something to the mix that motivates and inspires to you to get up and get moving. It's so very worth it. YOU are worth it. 

Mind & Body: Amazing Natural Wonders for Beauty & Health...

Beneath all the seemingly superficial fashion & beauty posts, this blog is truly about living an optimized life. Peak performance living is the ultimate goal for me, and hopefully for you as well. Facing each day energized, revitalized and free from ailments and hindrances is the ideal existence. And yet, so many of us - self included - have introduced things into our lives that drag us down and make us feel (or perhaps look) less than our best. 

For me, I was noticing severe energy level issues and general feelings of lethargy. Unusual. The answer is usually whispering to you, telling you the cause. In my case I felt it was a mashup of a my food intake and an overall mismatch of nutrients. And let's not avoid the other elephant in the room: toxins entering our bodies through plastic water bottles and skin care products. 

While I have much to continue sharing on the topic. I will share that I've shifted to an alkaline approach to eating, glass water bottles filled with lemon-infused water and in many cases, skin care from innovative brands harnessing the power of nature. Another fun new addition? Tumeric. And lots of it. Apparently this vibrantly hued spice is loaded with disease fighting compounds and can even battle the bulge. Who knew? 

As I warm up to share much, much more with you, I wanted to introduce a few natural all-stars in my life. 


Beauty is just as easily achieved with nature-derived solutions. Who knew? And because your body is your temple, below are a few of my nutrition-related obsessions...

I have SO much to share with you. From spices that can prevent (or even reverse) health issues to plant-derived skin case obsessions, I'm charting a personal new path that really energizes me. I hope you'll join me in on the journey! Much, much more to come in future posts.  

Luxe Accommodations: Thailand's Tranquil 137 Pillars House...

The idea of spending a few slow weeks in Southeast Asia is absolutely thrilling to me. Cambodia, Burma, Java, Bali... oh, it entices me like few places do. So far I can boast about no Asian travels as we've stayed largely on the European continent and surrounding areas. But when I think of epic journeys and unforgettable voyages, Thailand and the surrounding areas certainly come to mind. 

A quick tour of Kiwi Collection (which I ADORE for their unique rating system & huge photography) led me to 137 Pillars House, a tucked away retreat in Chang Mai. Stay long enough (or even for one magical night) and you'll forget it's a hotel at all. The suites feel like private estates hidden within tropical gardens. In addition to inspiring my approach to patio decorating this season (hello, wall of meandering greens!) it conjures up images a breezy dresses and slip on shoes over nothing more than a bathing suit. Now that's the kind of vacation wardrobe I can get behind.


Now... on to the idea of vacations. Where do you long to go? Where are you plotting to visit this year? What was your favorite trip. And how do you go about researching your accommodations?