What to Wear: Easter Sunday...

Oh, Easter. It sneaks up on me every year much like spring. It's cold & dreary for weeks on end and then suddenly *boom!* tulips are in bloom and the season of pretty pastels and decorated eggs is upon us. So now the question of what to wear. 

As fashion loving women we wake up with two choices every day: to start with the shoes or not. Some days it's all about those pretty pink pumps. Other days the look begins with my outfit. Easter, mind you, is the perfect opportunity to sport pretty lace or eyelet dresses, floral heels or even bubble gum pink peep-toe patent pumps. The world is literally your oyster and you've been given a temporary hall pass to dress as sweetly as you like. It's your brunch-going duty, in fact to look girly and represent the season. With that, here are a few of my favorite pieces (and beauty counter extras) to ring in the season of bouquets with blooming aplomb. 


Whether you begin with fab footwear or a dress you've been eager to wear, you'll appreciate that all of the dresses above are less than $200. For me it's all about investing in top quality accessories but saving where possible on less frequently worn pieces. Shoes should be the best money can buy. Handbags, it goes without saying, are investment pieces. But dresses can be loads of fun and don't have to break the bank.

Happy Spring to everyone. May your season be filled with flowers and fun! 


Musings: On Making it Fabulous...

Have you ever had one of those days - or weeks - where you just felt powerless to make things the way you'd like them to be? I have. And it isn't fun. But that's life, right? it's messy. It's unpredictable. It's marvelous.

When those days arise (and they will) you need to tap into your resource of personal strength and summon the awesomeness within. It's time to pick yourself up, realize YOU are in the driver's seat and you have better things to do than worry or wallow or wonder.

The truth is, your 24 hours are yours to design and yours to enjoy. Make your moments, your days and your life FABULOUS. Please. Because you deserve it.

Extraordinary Journeys: The Life-Affirming African Safari...

Recently the epic conversation starter "what would you do if..." came up. Specifically, we explored how we would spend our last precious weeks here on this water-covered rock if given news that our number was up. I'm talking Queen Latifah in Last Holiday type of trip. Cash it in. Spend it all. No looking back. For me, there's no question exactly what I would do. Travel. In fact, I'd keep on going until... well, until the movie ended if you know what I mean. ;) 

So where would I go? Many places. And I plan to craft many posts featuring each of them. So buckle up, you bucket listers! It's a whirlwind trip around the globe and we've all got first class tickets and generous uncles sympathetic to our globetrotting cause. 

First up: the African safari. Non-negotiable, my very first experience would be amongst the most menacing predators on earth and the most sensational scenery. There is no other travel experience that even comes close to rivaling the thrill of seeing the "big five" from the comfort of a tricked out jeep with skilled (and let's not kid ourselves here: armed) tour guides. One such company offering the most luxurious safari experience is And Beyond. They keep it chic and make camping in the wilderness seem like the most logical thing in the world.

Regardless of your travel partner of choice, my focus is still the same: dinner under a vast sky where the beauty of our galaxy is actually visible. The very real life-threatening thrill of lurking big game nearby the camp (hello, lions!). The juxtaposition of fine white tablecloth dining amongst the tall grass in a remote game reserve. And, if lucky, playing witness to the great migration and some pretty vivid food chain activities (I'm talking about you, crazy hyenas). The idea of seeing cheetah, prides of lions and massive African elephants up close is beyond thrilling to me. And frankly, I think most people perish from pure lack of passion & excitement in their life. A trip of this magnitude would wake up the most tied of souls and (yes, I'll say it) perhaps even cure you. 

Naturally I would want my husband and girls to go, the inner core of my tight posse. Watching big game with my crew is everything this luxe loving babe could hope for. But... the Mr. being the extremely risk-averse person he is, I'm certain he'd put the kibosh on any plans to bring our little ones. Hyenas, wildebeest and some of the world's most potent predators in close proximity to our daughters strikes him as reckless and irresponsible. I disagree. These stunning creatures are some of the most magnificent on the planet. How can we not expose our girls to beautiful animals in their natural habitat? What if we can witness grazing gazelles and those gorgeous giraffes up close and personal. Together. Talk about a life-changing trip for all of us. 

Now, some of you may be asking why I'd spend my last days on earth (in this hypothetical situation) traveling. If you have to ask, you don't suffer from wanderlust. Plain and simple. Those of us with an unquenchable thirst to move about the globe simply won't be sated until we've seen it all. And then we'll want to go BACK to our favorite places. So if you're married to one of us, brace yourself. The trips will be many, they will be awesome. They will be the best investments you ever make. And they will be what you'll be expected to join us in doing for our entire lives. So keep the passports active. 

Can't get away? Enjoy these safari inspired objects...



Beauty: The Eyes Have It...

Periodically I indulge in a reading a good interview of a fashionable female or two. Oh, who I am I kidding. I devour them like dark chocolate covered espresso beans. My favorite questions fall along the lines of style secrets and any beauty wisdom they are willing to impart. One such question is along the lines of must-have-or-she-might-die beauty essentials. Limited to only have three, which items would these street style stars, beauty editors and otherwise fabulous women choose? I'm always amazed when their coveted must-have essentials include a red lipstick or similar choice. Very French, very "now" but very much not my answer.  

For me, it's all about eyes. The windows to the soul. The lens to your inner camera. Likely one of your most amazing features. And, as luck would have it, also one of those areas of your skin care & beauty routine where you can enjoy a little experimentation. 

At my core I'm a lashes & black liner girl. I recently discovered my current shadow palette holy grail (Bobbi Brown Smoky Nudes), but my long-standing fave liner is in full on betrayal mode. To remedy this (and fight those midday smudges that spoil my look and my mood) I did what any savvy girl would do. I googled. And googled. And googled. Which led me to my new liner love by (who else?) Chanel. I should have known it would be flawless, fabulous and lauded by many. 

After spending time with the makeup pro at my neighboring Neimans, I'm convinced this will give me the precise ebony line I've been craving. This elegant black liner won't budge until you remove it with a quality makeup remover (like this perennial favorite).  

So... what would I insist on wearing given only three beauty items? Liner, of course. Mascara, naturally (and lots of it). And a fabulous highlighter pen. These three would not be all I'd want (because Lord knows we all need a little help achieving that "natural" glow), but they'd be all I would need. Skin care being considered separate, of course. 

How about you? What comprises your terrific trio? Your beauty essentials? Your must-have face savers? 


Buon Weekend: Lit from Within...

Your happiness is yours and yours alone to own. No one can steal your joy, your fire or your passion for life. Own it. Happy Friday to you all. May your weekend be filled with purpose, laughter and light. 



Personal Style: Shoe Season Has Begun...


It happened! yesterday marked what most of us in town would mark as the official first day of spring. Temperatures fluttered just below 70 degrees and today we're sure to actually bit that mark on the mercury. This means spring shoe season is ON, ladies. For me this means getting my high heel wedge sandal game in check. 

I've learned that I also prefer cork wedges versus espadrilles in terms of durability (although espadrilles are gorgeous to look at) and that there's a certain heel-to-platform ratio that works for me. Jimmy Choo nails it every time, which lands them squarely in my brand of choice category. But Stuart Weitzman and a handful of others (Jessica Simpson included) make terrific wedges as well.  

If you missed the memo, the 70s are back and what could possibly be more funky and fabulous than platform wedges and a jumpsuit. Wait... doesn't that sound like last summer? Yes, it does. But this time we're ushering in culottes and other wide bottom pants which require the silhouette balancing powers of platforms. 

I, for one, consider a shoe wardrobe of these elevated sandals a fashion must. I like a specific mix to get me through the upcoming season. What is this delicious mix? A floral option, a metallic beauty, a safari-inspired leather strappy wedge and - of course - a blush nude beauty. I've also learned to love having a black option on hand an a brightly colored version. And finally, a nude patent platform elongates the legs and adds serious length to my petite frame. Here, then, is my spring/summer shoe playlist: 


And you? What fashion element does spring usher in for you? Ruffled dresses? Eyelet blouses? Capris? I love all of those as well. I'd love to hear what's on your shortlist for the season! 


Perspective: Excellence is Its Own Reward ...

Our personal habits and behaviours are interesting, aren't they? What we do for ourselves often differs from what we do for others. I've been contemplating this lately as I fire up my creative life again. I'm making these for designers in town and have noticed that my attention to detail and perfection of aspects no one will ever see is astonishing.

It is imperative to me that the quality be unsurpassed and exceptional. Small construction and design details that may not matter to the designers or even the end client are wildly important to me through this process. And I must admit I love (LOVE) the feeling of producing with a spirit of excellence. It feels fabulous. It feels right. It feels purposeful. Whether or not anyone else cares about the finer points is irrelevant. The act of making things luxuriously fine is reward enough. I'm quite proud of what I've made and how well crafted the finished pieces are. That in and of itself is incredibly fulfilling. 

Would I invest as much heart and soul into a product for myself? I know the answer. I would strive for perfection but I would not obsess as much over the minor details. Just as you might eat dinner by yourself at your kitchen counter but pull out all the stops to entertain guests. It's using your finest ingredients and pulling out the heirloom stemware. There's a pleasure in doing things well for others. There is a value in striving for excellence for your own benefit. There's a deep sense of satisfaction in doing things well even if know one notices. It develops your inner life and builds incredible self worth. 

I encourage you to try it. Make a concerted effort to be excellent in areas no one will ever notice. Perhaps it is as domestic as perfectly iron sheets even though you'll be sleeping alone. If you are a maker, it's about producing the finest quality. As a chef it might mean whipping up a five course meal that surpasses all expectations. It's picking something up that someone dropped and rushing down the block to ensure they have it. The idea is about doing things exceptionally well and doing them without expectation of anything in return.

What can you do today to serve others (or yourself) with a spirit of excellence? What private acts could you perform right now with an attitude of precision and purpose? Think about that. Try it. I assure you the feeling that flows through your soul wil be all the reward you could possibly need. The acts themselves are in fact the incredible gift you receive in return for doing your best. 

Go... be excellent. You'll quickly find you're happily addicted to it. 


Beauty: The Sweet Radiance of Roses...

A few weeks ago I referenced this lovely serum in a post about roses invading the beauty & fashion circuit at the moment. Curious about the healing qualities of rose seed oil, I added two Laura Mercier skincare products to my daily beauty routine. They promised to nourish, lock in moisture and heal my tortured winter skin - a pledge I planned to take to task.

Let me back up by offering that I've recently been using Roc Retinol serum for about a month. From time to time I've dabbled in retinol-rich products. Known to tone, plump, shrink pored, buff out fine lines and otherwise make a girl look refreshed, Roc is an easy brand to go to for over the counter fixes. I felt it was time to beef up my nighttime beauty protocol and begin mixing retinol in as a regular ingredient in my battle for beautiful skin. 

The upside: all of the above. Smaller pores, plumper skin, reduction of fine lines and an overall improvement to my visage. The downside? You must wade into the retinol waters slowly lest the skin respond with dryness and peeling. Hoping to avoid these side-effects I added the Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil and Nourishing Cream to my nightly routine. 

My thoughts? The serum is amazing. Not only is it the most delicate shade of pink (fab!), it comes with a very luxe dropper applicator which helps this germ-phobic girl feel great using (and reusing) it. The glass container is an elegant element of the bottle design too. It looks lovely on the counter, which is a nice bonus. Even better? It has babied my skin like few products ever could. Gone are any dry patches. I find I love it morning and night and am so happy to have discovered this decadent treat. Perhaps in summer it would feel too rich - BUT... it is designed to also be used for cuticles and hair. Bonus! 

Now, the cream. Oh, the cream. Like many of Laura Mercier's products it has a featherlight soufflé texture. This counterbalances its richness. I use this very sparingly on my hands and décolletage. It might be a bit too rich for my combination skin during the day, but I do find that I love adding it at night as a rich nourishing treatment. 

These are very delicate, elegant feeling products I'm happy I added to my routine at just the right time. The delicate skin around my eyes drank these concoctions right up. Turns out, roses are indeed a welcome addition to my life.  While I'm using them a bit heavy-handedly on exposed skin during this chilly & dry season, I'll be employing them year round for myriad uses. Those suggestions for healing cuticles & the ends of hair seem like fantastic summertime uses.  

If your skin could use a little recovery from stress (internal or external) and some pampering,  this little duet is just the thing to pull it (and you) out of the winter doldrums and plant you fresh faced into spring. They have combated any dryness I experienced and have aided in fast recovery from my dabbling in retinol serums.

Good luck, my beauties!  


I've really enjoyed sharing more and more of my beauty and style favorites here. I'm a brand loyalist, so I very carefully add (or nix) products in my routine. Once I find a serum, a shoe, a jacket or a mascara that works I pretty much marry it until it no longer suits me. 

Hopefully the beauty and hair posts provide solid opinions and tips so you can decide to pass on a product or experiment to see if it works for you. I'll always share my honest opinion about products - otherwise what's the point? We girls have to stick together! 


Icons: Barbie's Ongoing Legacy...

Trivial fact: today marks Barbie's birthday. Born in 1959, this fair haired beauty has evolved over the years and cemented her place in history. Not convinced? Barbie is killing it on Instagram and posting selfies and street style shots you wish you could mimic. Seriously.

Trust when I tell you her wardrobe rivals Olivia Palermo... and everyone else you follow on social media. Her flowing mane and tailored outfits are perfectly shot outside of every major landmark and fashion show you might imagine. Ahhh, Barbie. To have your passport and your collection of shoes. 

If you're looking for some major fashion inspiration and hoping to up your flat lay game, look no further than the original style icon. I'm happy to say Barbie has definitely changed with the times. As a mom of two huge fans of the blonde bombshell I'm thrilled they've kept her clean cut and fabulous. Also, there seems to be an effort to downplay her epic feminine proportions. She looks flawless, approachable and largely makeup free. But that wardrobe is still dazzlingly aspirational, just the way it should be. Seriously, Barbie is killing it in 2015. Follow her and find yourself inspired every day. 

If your only exposure to the long legged legend is a passing awareness of the dolls, you'll be happy to know that Barbie is more than just pretty clothes & fabulous hair (but can we all admit those are pretty spectacular?). The movies and books are all about good triumphing over evil and staying true to yourself. The message to little girls of all shades of the rainbow is to embrace your unique truth and do the right thing. There's no hint of conforming or selfishness. Instead the stories are about bravery and standing up for what is right. Barbie is a total #girlboss in the best possible way. She takes command of her life in heels, fab clothes and a smile without ever trading in her girl card. That's something we can all applaud. 

Happy birthday, Barbie. We ♥ you! 



Musings: On Daring to Grow...

This week was quietly amazing. Time and again I'm impressing myself with a renewed tenacity and an unshakable belief that if there is a way I will find that way and make it happen. Everything is possible with the right belief system and consistent action. Those goal writing sessions we've discussed? Time to get on it if you haven't before. I promise there is unshakable power in putting your vision for life down on paper. 

Me? I've been sketching new ideas, writing down financial goals and defining (not unlike DVF) the woman I want to be. If I can encourage you to do anything this week it is to step way outside your comfort zone and into the faith zone. Move beyond what you've achieved in the past and decide to do what a better version of yourself would do. By consistently doing this simple process you will blossom into the fabulous human being you truly desire (and deserve) to be. 


What if this week you sketched a little, journaled a little and put some colorful dreams on paper? Perhaps for no one else to ever see except you (those dreams are the best, I believe). Think of this as your kickstart to spring. Your moment to reawaken your spirit and your inner fire. Put on some pretty new shoes, rock big audacious sunglasses and unleash the creativity that's been on hold during this painfully long winter. 

Need a good book recommendation? I have a few motivational reads you might enjoy. These two will get you started and I'll continue offering more. 


If you want to open your mind and heart to the possibilities of belief, these three books will shake your perception of what's accessible to you. Remember: it is never what you are born with or what you have - it's what you think about yourself and the consistent actions you take in life to build the dream life you desire. GO GET THESE BOOKS and open your eyes. Life is waiting for you. 

Coveted Pieces: The Feminine Trench...

The iconic trench has never been uncool, but this beautiful top layer is enjoying somewhat of a Renaissance at the moment. Lace, floral, belted, leather piped... anything goes with this outfit-making layer. 


Will you go loose and languid or stick to tradition with a Burberry style belted khaki creation? The world is your oyster this season, as designers are pulling out all the stops on this lightweight coat guaranteed to make you look polished and feminine. My only suggestion is to try them on and make sure it feels fabulous before even looking in the mirror. Petite girls like myself should opt for belted varieties and focus on where the hem hits. I like mine lightweight and fitted, but if you're a London or NY girl a trench that offers more of a barrier from the elements might serve you best. Invest in the very best you can and don't settle for less. xoxo


Beauty: Charlotte's Magic Potion...

There's "buzz" and then there's a miracle cure for what plagues us. In this case, the would be threat is the passing of time. Much like sunblock and eye cream, it's never too soon to start battling the clock and preserving your skin. 

Popular ingredients come and go, but a few key players are all-stars in the war against aging skin. Retinol: perhaps the leader of all active ingredients. Antioxidants are also proven champions. Hyaluronic acid is yet another team player with credible results, as it temporarily plumps and "fills" the skin. And finally we have peptides. Ahhhh, peptides. These "mini protein" molecules trick the skin into producing more collagen - the substance all of us lose over time. More collagen equals a more taut, plump, lifted appearance. 

Which brings me to this new supposedly superstar product: Charlotte Tilbury's "Magic Cream" which promises a whole lotta fabulous with repeated use. Notice that not only does this pretty jar come packed with product, it arrives with specific application instructions that mimic a mini facial. What does it purport to do? Everything. Plump Define. Relax. Smooth. Lift. Tighten. Tone. Everything a beauty-loving girl could hope for, actually. And... this beautiful jar of hope rings in at $100, so those of us bellying up to the skin care bar will hope it lives up to its promises. 

Do I think it works? Reviews are nothing short of impressive. A study of the ingredients reads like a list of the industry's most favored peptides and other active ingredients. But... that application process is not to be underestimated. Want to see it in action? Watch the video below:

Am I eager to give it a go? Yes, of course. But starting tonight you can bet I'll be applying my nightly serum & moisturizer in the manner shown above. Anytime I am treated to the sublime pleasure of a facial I am reminded of why this ancient practice is so crucial for a healthy, glowing complexion. The very act of working the skin and encouraging blood circulation is a reminder that self-care is essential and - quite possibly - the reason our European sisters age so fabulously. 

Looking for your own magic potion? Aren't we all. Charlotte's "Magic Cream" might just be the one. If you try it and love it please swing back by and let me know as it has my curiosity piqued and my mind dreaming of all those powerful peptides. 


Luxe Accommodations: A Chic Boutique in Paris's Golden Triangle

A playfully chic Paris hotel between Avenue Montaigne and the Grand Palais for around $200USD per night? Some might say you are dreaming, I say you've stumbled upon the dreamy La Maison Champs Élysées

The opulence of Paris is all there: gilded staircases, marble floors and terrace dining. But La Maison has a bit more fun with the usual visit to the City of Light by featuring trompe-l'œil in lieu of authentic boiserie - just one of many cheeky elements in their classical-meets-avant-garde design.

Frankly, if you can get to Paris and score a room at this fabulous boutique hotel you'd be a fool not to do so. You'll have the option of an opulent suite (part of their Couture Collection) or a more contemporary (read: less pricey) Boutique Collection suites. All of these have been designed by fashion designer Martin Margiela. 

What to expect? Sophisticated details with a twist of irony. Luxe finishes juxtaposed with trendy details. It's the high-low mix of street style applied to an exquisite boutique hotel. Explore this lovely hotel here and enjoy your stay in the center of this magical city. 

Can't get away? I have some fun things for you below.. including wallpaper to give you the illusion of that coveted French paneling. Enjoy! 




Trendspotting: Sugary Sweet Spring Style...

The fashion media may be lauding the return of pastels, but I see the color story as a bit more punchy. There's nary a note of the chalky colors I associate with true pastels. These colors are a bit more cheery, a bit less Easter Sunday and clearly more fresh. Think: festive mint green, optimistic Barbie pink and a dreamy sky blue and you're on the right track. 

The best part? These aren't your mamma's pale hues. Our color palette for spring is more bold (witness those grass green lace-up trainers below) and perhaps a bit more fun than expected. It seems we've finally reached "anything goes" nirvana when it comes to getting dressed. Frankly, if you're rocking a handbag the color of a ray of sunshine, feeling happy should be the edict of the day. Don't you agree? 



Tech Chic: Making the Case for Cases...

Oh how I love (and need) a good iPhone case. I live in admiration and disbelief at those of you who rock your slim handheld devices sans case. You are either blessed to live in a completely cushioned environment impervious to accidental bumps or straight up crazy. Regardless of how delicately I handle my lovely iPhone it most assuredly will take a tumble at some point. Perhaps while working out, perhaps as it slides from my handbag as I exit the car or (as is often the case) while in the young hands of my daughter. 

Since I spent a fast half hour last week replacing my shattered phone I'm now hot on the quest for a newer case with more padding (or at least a more anti-slip grip) than the previous. While our male counterparts can rock a military grade rubberized black case and call it a day, we girls love our cases slim and sophisticated. Who can blame us? A pretty little cover adds a layer of protection from would-be mishaps as well as individualization to an otherwise ubiquitous device.

Perhaps it isn't the rare device drop so much as the ease of daily use that makes a case so sensible. Texting, video watching and taking pix is so much easier with a surface with more tact than the super slippery rose gold aluminum shell my naked phone offers. Life is easier with a chic case with a slim rubber lining giving hands a surface upon which to grip. The case for a case is simple. I need one, and I feel everyone does.  

What about you? Are you a freedom-loving girl who eschews the idea of a case, no matter how pretty? Or, like me, do you cling to the comfort of a personality-showcasing case that offers a little cushioning for those inevitable bumps and drops? If you're in the mood for a new case I've done the shopping for you. These cute covers will set you apart from the crowd and (perhaps) prevent you from having to spend any unnecessary time with your favorite Genius. 

Besides... spring is on the way. And a fresh little look for your technology bestie is just the thing to get you in the mood for sunny rays and warm days ahead. Happy hunting! 



Musings: On Focusing On Yourself....

If your aim is to please others, you've got it all wrong. Seek first to raise your standards and live up to your own expectations. Exceed them. Confidence is attractive. Self-driven success is appealing. Demonstrated personal skill is magnetic. Set high standards for yourself and exceed them. Impress yourself. Aim high and blow away your own personal best. Rest assured... the satisfaction from such private personal goal attainment is reward enough. But I've discovered time and time again that those very things you would have been chasing will soon be chasing you if you'll just BECOME the very thing you wanted at obtain.

Consider this: produce the type of work you wish to be recognized for. Be the kind of person you wish to become one day. Be the friend you hope to once day find. Host the style parties you wish to be invited to attend. Step up and move yourself to the next level through sheer will and an commitment to living a better life - to being a better you. A much better you. 

Aspire to the incredible. Achieve the awesome. Discover that you are indeed already living the dream. 

Trendspotting: Highlights From Milan Fashion Week...

Oh, Milan! So much black, so much leather, so much genuine Italian style. It would be an understatement to say that Milan fashion week is one of my favorites of all of the "fashion month" cities. Paris tops it, yes, but Milan is a close second. 

Prada, Pucci, Cavalli, Bottega Veneta, Armani, Etro, Versace, Fendi, Moschino, Gucci... ahhh. My fashion happy place. These are only part of my #MFW is such a standout showcase of style. More than that, it's the setting. Rome may be where my soul resides, but Milan takes its street style seriously. The city is less picturesque than many of its Italian sister cities, but it is not devoid of architectural significance and beauty. The Duomo, the Milanese and the pulse of the city beckon. It is the ultimate black leather clad backdrop for its all-star list of brands coming to showcase their fall wares. 

What did I love? Pucci is a perennial favorite. This season's offerings featured their signature funky kaleidoscope-inspired patterns. The colorful, swirly designs dovetailed beautifully into the overall 70's vibe that has been seen across the globe. My surprise brand crush? Sportmax. The line offered up a clean-lined sense of chic that appealed to my "classic feminine" leanings. I loved focus on tailored leathers and belted dresses.  was very figure flattering and set the stage for a romantic fall ahead.   

Fringe is, of course, still a having its moment in the sun. As is the thematic presence of fun (presumably faux) fur on almost all runways. I'm loving the emergence of the flowy pants we've been seeing, gentle pleating on cascading folds of fabric and the overall optimistic visual story happening. Another recurring element? Seemingly adopted from street style, flats and flatforms were everywhere. That's not to say heels are out by any stretch (boots are surely still on the rise), but it seems comfort might suddenly be chic. 

The Autumn/Winter shows naturally offer an abundance of coats and jackets. But rather than the staid wools and leathers we commonly enjoy, 2015's fall season is all about the statement coat. Wild embroidered pieces, bold (almost neon but not quite) quilted puffers, opulent hand-stitched pieces and every feathered and fur-adorned style one could possibly imagine. When considering a top layer for next year, best leave any sartorial shyness at home and go for bold "yes, it is fabulous, isn't it?" attitude. As you know, this is an investment piece I"m fully behind! Jackets and coats are my apparel indulgence of choice. Separates may come and go in my closet, but those well-made top layers are mine for the keeping for years to come. 

And then there was Dolce & Gabbana's tribute to mommies everywhere. The fashionable duo paid sweet homage to motherhood without veering into matronly style. The looks were flirty and youthful. Think: postcard inspired prints, message-emblazoned sweaters and roses... oodles of roses. The message love was crystal clear.  

Beauty wise? Simple hair. Easy hair. Tousled hair. Love! And of course... that flick of eyeliner at the corners. Add this to kissable lips and a dewy overall look and I'm smitten. 2015 promises to be one the year of celebrating actual beauty. I couldn't be happier.